Miles is running against career politicians and multiple multi-millionaires who are out of touch and only want the job title.

Miles wants to represent you and be your voice.

Today’s political environment is thriving with money that comes from inside and outside of the District that matters and where the votes are. While money is great, it does not replace the enthusiasm for a Candidate that is generated from meaningful conversations and thoughtful interactions.

He will need your help establishing a grass-roots movement in what will be an uphill battle. 

If interested, read the descriptions of some of the kind of help that may be needed and sign-up!

Door to door campaigning is going to the voter directly and arguably can result in the most meaningful interactions.

This does not always involve knocking on the door and may just be leaving pamphlets and/or brochures.

More about door to door volunteering can be read here.

Interviewing potential voters and finding out what their position may be or their thoughts on a candidate.

Getting the sense of the voter landscape is supremely important.

Making phone calls to potential voters to raise Candidate name recognition can be extremely helpful with a grass-roots Campaign.